Traditions and culture

A great diversity of festive manifestations, elements and acts are part of the festive heritage of Cervera, with a full and lively festive calendar.

The party is explosion, fun, coexistence, solemnity, transgression, expression, intensity, and so on. The party is full of colors, emotions, movement, music and creativity. The party is to live it and share it.


This party is held on the last weekend of August. Aquelarre has undergone many changes over the years.

The highlights are probably in the show. During the early years it was held during the day. When night fell, the main event, the descent, ended in Plaça Major, years later on the castle esplanade and now in Plaça de Cal Racó.

The first and main show of the party, the departure of the University, will take place in this area of the University, at 11 pm, which you can see from the Hostal (depending on the room chosen).

Where we can see a fire show, the local percussion group, and the Carranquers, devils of Cervera, return to the interior of the University, indicating the imminent opening of the main doors of the building. The devils go out in front of the large group of entities that take part in the descent to the square where the rest of the events take place.

Fira Tàrrega (Theatre Market)

FiraTàrrega is the international performing arts market that takes place annually in Tàrrega on the second weekend of September. Founded in 1981, it is a great showcase of the current stage, with special interest in street arts, visual shows and non-conventional.As a meeting and debate point of international reference, our main objective is to revitalize the performing arts market, opening the door to the internationalization of Catalan companies.Other more specific objectives are support for the creation of artists, the promotion of training, focused on artistic creation and cultural management, and the generation of strategic alliances to develop circuits or transnational productions of street arts.

Pascua Festival Music

A classical music festival dedicated to Catalan performers and Catalan music. This specialty makes him unique, singular and necessary in our music scene. A meeting point for the classical music sector in Catalonia, lacking in cross-cutting contact, discussion of ideas and collective organization. A showcase of classical music made in Catalonia. A few days of concerts, but also of debates, workshops, projections and activities around Catalan classical music.

International music course

Initiated with a clear professionalizing vocation and at the same time as a work tool so that the students of the Conservatory could progress in the instrumental aspect during the summer stop, it reached its thirty edition in 2011.Young and not so young musicians from all over have an appointment every summer in the capital of La Segarra to improve and deepen their learning of classical music. For many years, Cervera has crossed borders thanks to the International Music Course, which has seen more than 6,000 students pass through its summer classes, 180 teachers and has organized 250 concerts.The Course brings concerns, knowledge and experiences to young music students and makes Cervera a musical point of reference for the country.

Passion of Jesus

This theatrical performance of Christ has been staged in Cervera since the 15th century. It has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Catalonia and Andorra. It is staged at the Gran Teatre de la Passió and features more than 300 actors from the city.

In 2009, a total of 100 proposals chose to become treasures of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Catalonia and Andorra. Elected by popular vote of 37,418 people, among the 10 Treasures elected were the representations of the Passion of Jesus Christ in Cervera.

It has now been 540 years since its first performance in 1477 in Cervera but during Lent, Cervera is full of visitors to see this popular culture show.