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Places of interest

The historical heritage, traditions and festivals combine well with good meals, good drinks and quality products from the land and the work of the people. In La Segarra, the combination is perfect. The workshops, stoves and tables offer top quality products. La Segarra with a landscape and rural life little transformed by urbanization and industrialization, phenomena that have been concentrated in the main towns of the region, is characterized by having a beauty intrinsic capable of satisfying spirits sensitive to the values of nature, history and rural life.

Santiago's Way

The Camino de Santiago enters the Segarra region through the port of La Panadella, 725m high, this port separates the Segarra from the Anoia. It runs through the valley of the river Ondara that covers, from east to west, the municipalities of Talavera, Ribera d'Ondara, Cervera and Granyanella to enter the neighboring region of Urgell. The total length of the section is 23 km. The most emblematic points of the route, however, are the church of Sant Jaume de Pallerols (12th century) and the city of Cervera. in the Berenguer de Castelltort hospital (current Mare Güell geriatric residence) or the stained glass windows of the parish church of Santa Maria.

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Guissona (city)

The Roman Market of Iesso (Roman name for Guissona) is a popular festival, relatively young, which is celebrated during the third week of July. The festival has expanded. In 2003 it was extended with the Atardeceres a la Romana which include a series of cultural events: theater, conferences, workshops, cinema, music and poetry.
The Roman Market is a local festival of tourist interest in Catalonia whose main objective is to recreate the way of life in a Roman city from the 1st century BC - 1st AD. The prehistoric and Roman origins of the town are recalled.

Sant Guim de Freixenet (city)

The Egg Fair of Sant Guim de Freixenet began to be held in 1996. The name of the fair is because in this town there are a large number of laying hens farms which makes Sant Guim one of the maximum egg-producing populations in all of Catalonia. The Egg Fair is held on the second Sunday in June.

Montornés de Segarra (city)

The Lo Cercacurts short film festival is being held in Montornès de Segarra on the second weekend in July. This festival was born from a meeting between lovers of the seventh art in the same environment Montornès de Segarra, a picturesque hilltop town that precedes the Cercavins valley furrowed by the river of the same name and also inspired the name of the Festival that seeks short films, preferably of rural theme, so that they participate in this event.

Castle's hiking

The March of the Castles of La Segarra was born in 2000 organized by the hiking centers of Cervera and Guissona. The chosen route has a distance of 54 kilometers and a gradient of a little over 1200 meters accumulated. The Segarra plateau offers us a terrain of constant ascents and descents, but always of little importance. The villages that can be visited during the tour, which changes direction every year. In other words, one year is clockwise and the next is counterclockwise, Cervera, Guissona, Les Pallargues, Florejacs, Aranyó, Montcortès, Castellnou d'Oluges, among others.